Group yoga classes

At Espace Beltane in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, I welcome you to join in and experience a multitude of yoga classes under my guidance. I teach in English - although further brief explanations can be given in Dutch and French if necessary.

Registrations:  CLOSED

Yoga and meditation classes
Fall of 2021

The regular fall 10 week series classes comprise 10 classes of each 1h15min. It is required that you register for all 10 consecutive classes in a series.

My classes are accessible for all levels, including students new to yoga.

In case you are dealing with specific issues such as burn-out, depression, (chronic) illness and/or fatigue, recovery from an operation, ... you are most welcome as well since I have a lot of experience in this field. Please contact me to find out which workshops and classes would suit you best at this moment in your life.

My classes are slow-paced, mindful, soft and primarily focused on opening up and stretching the physical and energetic body - apart from my Japanese yoga classes which focus somewhat more on physical strength and stamina. I provide for a safe space where you can come into contact with yourself, anchor yourself, come home and rest. You will go home afterwards with a lot of free and open space in your body and mind.


Fall regular classes - 10 week series

Wednesdays 8-15-22-29 Sept, 6-13-20-27 Oct, 10-17-24 Nov, 1-8 Dec 2021

* Breathe - you are alive! - 9am to 10:15am
These classes will focus primarily on breathing. We will use different techniques to explore and get to know our breath and different types of breath and breathing: meditations, yoga poses, breathing exercises, chanting mantra's, reciting sutra's, .... We get to know the anatomy and physiology of our physical and also energetical breath. We get acquainted to different kinds of breath: the physical mechanics of our physical breath and its influence on our body, brain and nervous system, the different breaths according to hatha yoga tradition: prana/samana/vyana/apana/udana, the four breaths of throat/diaphragm/pelvic floor/feet and how they work together, how to use your breath and move your body when lifting something, etc. ... You will learn a lot about your body and breath and this will be helpful in your daily life!

* Energy healing yoga - 10:30am to 11:45am
In these classes, we will explore in-depth various energy healing exercices coming from different angles and traditions (Donna Eden, qi gong, Shizuto Masunaga, Masahiro Oki, yin yoga, Motoyama Hiroshi, do-in, energetic meditation/visualisation, chakra's, meridians, quantum physics, ...). We will each time practice various exercices to keep our mind and physical and energetic body healthy. I will give you the tools to energetically anchor, protect and clean yourself. You will also learn to become more attuned to and to feel your energetic body and the electromagnetic field (also called the aura) surrounding your body and how you can contract or expand it. We will also discover the realms of our inner senses and you will find out with which inner sense(s) you primarily pick up information. You certainly do not have to have any prior experience in this matter (this is an introductory series so it's okay if you're completely new to this - thorough time and explanation is given to learn and experience) , but you do have to have a willingness and openness to explore the world we cannot see with our physical eye.

Fridays 10-17-24 Sept, 1-8-15-22-29 Oct, 12-19-26 Nov, 3-10 Dec 2021

* Zen meditation - 9:00am to 10:15am
In these zen meditation classes, we practice traditional zen meditation according to the soto tradition, but in an adapted way so that we all feel comfortable to explore, discover and develop our own personal practice. We recite the Heart-Sutra in Sino-Japanese and we practice sitting meditation (zazen) and walking meditation (kinhin). It is best to wear dark clothing to stimulate a calm and serene mind and atmosphere.

* Japanese yoga - 10:30am to 11:45am
Japanese Oki-do Yoga was founded by Masahiro Oki, who was a doctor and a Buddhist. Oki-do Yoga is a contemporary form of yoga combining traditional hatha yoga, Japanese Zen tradition, Shiatsu practice, and martial arts in order to attain a harmonious interaction between body, mind and breath. We train to keep our muscles flexible, our spine stretched, to maintain deep breathing and to help you keep your blood clean. Oki-do yoga also encourages you to transform desires and emotions into positive ones so that these can be of benefit to you and your environment. An Oki-do yoga class consists of: do-in and meridian stretching, breathing techniques, qi gong, kyoka-ho or hara strengthening exercices, traditional yoga poses for strength and stamina, reciting the Sino-Japanese Heart Sutra (makka hannya shingyo), zen meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), ...

€125 for each 10 week series of classes

You need to register in advance and before the start of a series.
There is no refund for missed classes.
Missed classes cannot be carried over to another class or series.

Contact and registration

All classes take place at:

Centre Beltane
Avenue Paul Hymans 113
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

All yoga material is provided. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you feel more comfortable so. Chairs are available for people having difficulty sitting on a yoga mat. Be yourself and bring your always-curious and open-minded spirit with you.

Centre Beltane is easily accessible by metro 1 (Roodebeek) or bus 29 (bus stop Hymans).
From there-on, start your 6 minute zen walk at meditative pace 😊. Arriving by car? Make sure to place your blue disk!

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